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Bicycle Friendly Business

The Bicycle Friendly Business (BFB) designation is officially bestowed upon a business by the League of American Bicyclists. A BFB is defined as a “corporation, organization, association, government agency, or non-profit that actively promotes bicycling for transportation, recreation, exercise, and sport.”

The application to become a BFB focuses on three primary areas:


  • Providing bike amenities within your business to encourage bike commuting
  • Can include the following:
    • Secured bike parking
    • Covered bike parking
    • Allowing employees to park their bikes in their workspace
    • Providing shower and locker room facilities


  • Distributing materials about bike safety and safe cycling laws to employees (such as BTS’ bike brochure)
  • Scheduling bike commuting workshops


  • Foster an environment that encourages employees to bike
  • Provide monetary incentives to those who bike
  • Offer the Federal Biking Benefit to employees


  • Are employees taking advantage of the benefits and amenities provided?
  • Are employees biking to work?

When you are recognized by the League, your business will receive a lovely certificate for your office lobby. In addition, BTS will add your business' name and website to our website. Your business will also be featured in our updated "Biking to Bethesda" brochure.

In addition, providing supports to employees and customer who bike to your business can pay off in the long run, as evidenced in this article from Mobility Lab.

BTS will be happy to assist your business in the application process to become a Bicycle Friendly Business. Contact Jennifer Zucker at (301) 656-0868 x 118 or by e-mail at for more information.

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