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Employers can play a critical role in employees’ transportation choices, often making the difference between an employee driving alone to work and arriving late and stressed, or using an alternative commute mode and arriving ready to start the work day.

BTS works directly with Transportation Benefits Coordinators (TBCs) to help you, as an employer, establish alternative commute benefits packages. BTS also distributes information during weekly Commuter Information Events about rideshare matching, the Guaranteed Ride Home program, bike and pedestrian safety, transit maps and teleworking.

Transit Benefits and Pre-Tax Payroll Deduction

Did you know that employees who receive employer-paid transit benefits or who are allowed to receive their benefits as a pre-tax payroll deduction are more likely to switch to transit?

The maximum allowable tax-free or pre-tax contribution to transit benefits has just been increased to $255 per month - the same as parking benefits! That's over $3,000 per year that can be applied towards an employee's use of transit or vanpools.

Transit benefits can be offered in the form of a salary increase, bonus, award, or other incentives. However, amounts over $255/month are taxable.

Employees can also receive their benefits as a pre-tax payroll deduction from their paycheck, thus reducing their taxable income, leaving less taxable payroll, which saves your company money.

FareShare Benefits Program

Employees in downtown Bethesda and other areas are now able to participate in Montgomery County's FareShare Program. The program assists companies in getting their transit benefit off the ground.

Benefits can also be offered as a combination of direct transit benefits offered by employers and pre-tax payroll deduction. Contact Kristen Blackmon at or (301) 656-0868 x 119 for more information.

Click here for more information about FareShare.

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