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Are you a Montgomery County business who needs help shifting to telework in response to COVID-19? Click here to read about the Telework Assistance Fund!

With advanced communications capabilities, the desire to save money and the need to conserve energy and manage traffic congestion, more and more companies are turning to teleworking. Teleworking, allows employees to work at home or at a local telework center. Communication is accomplished via Internet, phone, fax, and teleconferencing.

In addition to doing their part to conserve energy, manage traffic congestion, and air pollution, companies enjoy a wide array of benefits from teleworking:

Cost savings
The main savings are on office space and overhead. Companies adopting teleworking also maximize staff retention and significantly reduce parking and travel expenses.

Montgomery County offers tax credits to employers who encourage telecommuting and telework in the form of the Telecommuting Incentive Home Computer-Tax Credit.

An employer may receive a tax credit on their annual County personal property tax equaling up to 50% of the cost of a new home computer or laptop purchased to establish a new off-site employee workstation. Click here for more information.

Increased productivity

It is common to see an increase in productivity from 10%-40%. Teleworkers avoid travel time, traffic and the daily interruptions of an office environment.

Improved motivation
Employees often enjoy a great sense of trust and renewed confidence in their capabilities when an employer adopts a more autonomous work environment.

Skills retention
Employers can retain good employees who would otherwise be forced to quit when for example the family moves because a spouse has taken a job out-of-town. Employees who are ill or on maternity leave can continue to work part-time from home and keep abreast of company business and industry trends. 

Organization flexibility
Companies experiencing restructuring or reorganization have smoother transitions because teams can be assembled and reassembled as needed. Teams representing the best skills and experience can be created, regardless of geography and time zones.

Flexible staffing
Companies that undergo seasonal or irregular workload levels can better manage projects, and in some cases, reduce the amount of overtime paid by having staff remain on "standby rates".

We are in an age where terrorist attacks and severe weather can cripple a company. Organizations with effective teleworking programs are far more resilient and pliable. Meetings via teleconferencing and videophone will go on with little worry of a missing keynote speaker.

Enhanced customer service
Customer services can be extended beyond the regular workday or workweek without the costs of overtime.

For more information, contact Jennifer Zucker at or at 301-656-0868 x 118.

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