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Vanpooling is a popular option for many commuters in the region because it is ideal for commuting long distances. Your company can give up to $255 per month in tax-free transportation benefits to cover the costs associated with a vanpool.

Types of Vanpools

Owner-operated vans — One person leases or purchases a van and operates the van independently. Riders generally meet at a central location and pay the owner a set monthly fee.

Third-party vans — A vanpool “vendor” leases the vehicle for a monthly fee that includes the vehicle operating cost, insurance, and maintenance. The vendor can contract directly with one or more employees. The monthly lease fee is paid by the group of riders.

Employer-provided vans — An employer buys or leases vans for commuter use. The employer organizes the vanpool riders and insures and maintains the vehicles. The employer may charge a fee to ride in the van or subsidize the service.

Vanpool Services

ABS Vans Rentals, LLC

Enterprise Rideshare

EZ Vans, Kevin Elliott, Owner

Maryland RideShare Corporation, email:

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